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How to Write the Perfect Essay


If you choose to study English or another subject of Arts and Humanities at university, it’s going to involve lots of writing essays. It’s not an easy skill to master , as it demands both imagination and an logical approach, but if you follow these things each time you write an essay, you’ll be on the way to success:

1. Plan

This could sound like a long-winded process, but if you make a really good plan you will actually save yourself time writing your essay. Because you’ll know where your response is going to be and won’t force yourself into an uncharted area. Do not fret if you’re stuck at first – jot down the thoughts you’re having and then the rest will be following. I find it easy to create a brain map and each bubble that I create representing one of my principal paragraphs. I then create quotations, which are useful for my analysis of the bubble.

For instance, if had to answer the question “To what degree is the wife of Curley depicted as a character in Of Mice and Men? It might be a good idea to create with a mind map that appears like this:

You can add more details to the plan by crossing things out and connecting different bubbles whenever you see connections between them.follow the link https://ventsmagazine.com/2022/09/02/6-best-ways-to-write-an-essay/ At our site Though you’re unlikely to have time to draw the exact plan for your circumstances of examination, it could be useful to sketch out a short one that includes a few important words so that there is no panic or going out of topic when writing your essay. If you’re not fond of the mindmap style there are many alternatives to choose from. it is possible to create a table or flowchart or simply some bullet points.

2. Create a clear structure

Take note of this when you are making plans. The essay you write is similar to an argument or a speech. It has to have a coherent structure, by bringing all your ideas together to address the question. Start with the basics: it is recommended to select only a handful of major points, which can be used as your main paragraphs. Three main paragraphs is a great number for an essay for an exam because you’ll be on the clock. Organise your points in a sequence consisting of:”YES” (agreement regarding the topic) (agreement with the question) – AND (another “YES”-related point) However (disagreement or confusion) If you’re in agreement with the questions overall, or YES – BUT – AND if you disagree. This makes sure that you’re focused on your arguments and stay away from the question.

You could, for instance, create your Of Mice and Men sample inquiry as follows:

To what extent is the character of Curley’s spouse portrayed as a subject in Of Mice and Men?’

  • Yes, descriptive descriptions of her physical appearance
  • and – attitudes of other people towards her
  • But, her position as the only female on the ranch confers her with power to use her feminine qualities to gain advantage

If you wanted to write a more lengthy essay it is possible to include additional paragraphs within the ‘YES/AND’ category, perhaps discussing the ways that Curley’s spouse reveals her vulnerability or insecurities and share her desires with other characters. On the contrary, you could increase the length of your essay by having a third ‘BUT’ sentence about her manipulative and cruel streak.

Of course, this is not necessarily the only correct way in answering the question so long as you can back your assertions with the facts in the text, you’re free to adopt any position that makes sense.

3. Back up your points by analyzing your quotes

The way you write a scientific report without presenting evidence to back your claims Therefore, why should it be any different when writing an essay? Even though you aren’t strictly needed to support every idea you present with quotes, there’s still no risk in trying. A careful reading of your quotations can enrich your understanding of the essay and will be sure to impress the examiners.

When choosing the most appropriate quotations to incorporate in your essay, look out for specific literary techniques. For instance, you can analyze Curley’s wife’s use an esoteric question when she is asked, ‘What is I doing? You’re sitting here talking with a bunch of bindle stiffs’:

The question “An What are I doing?” signifies that Curley’s wife is extremely insecure she is doubting her decisions in life. Also, the fact she doesn’t anticipate anyone to respond to the question shows her plight.

Other literary strategies to keep an eye out for are:

  • Tricolon is a phrase that consists of three phrases or words arranged closely together to give emphasis
  • Tautology – using various words that have the same meaning like ‘frightening’, for instance, and frightening.
  • Parallelism is an ABAB structure. It usually signifies the transition from one concept to another
  • Chiasmus Chiasmus ABBA structure; draws attention to that phrase
  • Polysyndeton – many of the conjunctions that make up the form of a sentence
  • Asyndeton is the absence of conjunctions is a way to speed up the speed of an entire sentence
  • Polyptoton is the use of the same word with different meanings for specific emphasis, like “done” and “doing”.
  • Alliteration – repetition of same sound; different forms of alliteration include assonance (similar vowel sounds) or plosive (‘b’ sounds, ‘d’ and ‘p’ noises) along with sibilance (‘s’ sounds)
  • Anaphora is the repetition of words; commonly used to emphasize a specific point

Don’t worry if you can’t identify all of these literary devices in the work the study is focusing on – you may also discuss more obvious effects that include metaphor, simile and onomatopoeia. This isn’t a problem if you’re unable to remember all the lengthy names. It’s far more important to explain the effect of the literary techniques and the relevance for the topic than employ the appropriate terminology.

4. Be original and creative all the way

Everyone could write an essay following the guidelines above, but what makes it “perfect” is the personal touch you bring on the subject that you’re talking about. If you’ve come across something interesting or interesting in your reading make sure to mention it: If you are interested in it most likely the teacher will too.

Writing essays and creative writing are closer than you think; keep the idea of crafting a speech or an argument in mind, and you’re certain to attract your readers’ focus.

It is crucial to outline your line of argument in your introduction. providing your main points as well as the general direction your essay is likely to follow. But don’t forget that you should keep something for the end of your essay to complete the essay. Sure, you have to present your main points in a concise manner, but if you’re simply repeating your points from your introduction, then the essay itself becomes meaningless.

Imagine your conclusion as the culmination of your speech, that part all of the other stuff has been leading towards, and not the boring plenary at the conclusion of all the exciting stuff.

For those who want to revisit Of Mice and Men once more, here’s an example of the ideal distinction between an introduction and a concluding sentence:


In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife is described as a character who is ambiguous. She is portrayed as a cruel at times, or seductive, or even a lonely woman who is a victim of her society’s perceptions. Although she does appear to wield some sort of sexual power, it’s clear that Curley’s wife largely an innocent victim. This is backed up by Steinbeck’s description of her appearance, people’s attitudes, dreams and her apparent feelings of loneliness and insecurity.


Overall, it is clear that Curley’s wife is a victim . She is portrayed as such throughout the novel, including details of her look, fantasies and other people’s judgmental attitudes as well as her feelings of loneliness and insecurity. A character who was a victim, and everything else is one-dimensional and Curley’s wife , however, isn’t. Though she suffers in numerous ways yet she’s shown to assert herself through the manipulation of the female form – a minor rebel against the oppression she faces.

Both rely on questions and summarize key points in the essay however, the concluding paragraph adds an element that’s not introduced in the main body of the article, and creates more complexity than the simple summary that is found in the Introduction.

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