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How to Create The Perfect Essay


If you’re deciding to pursue English or a subject from Arts and Humanities at university you’ll be required to do lots of essay writing. This is an art to master as it requires both creativity and logical planning, but if it is your intention to adhere to the following when you write an essay, you should succeed: success:

1. Plan

This might sound like a time-consuming task, but if you have a really good plan it can save you time when writing your essay. Because you’ll be aware of where your solution is going to be and won’t force yourself into a corner. Don’t worry if you’re stuck in the beginning – just write down some ideas and it’s likely that the rest will follow. I find it easy to create a map of my mind and each bubble is a representation of one of my principal paragraphs. I write down quotes that can be helpful for my research around the bubble.

As an example, if were answering the question ‘To what extent is the character of Curley’s spouse depicted as woman in Of Mice and Men? In this case, I might create by drawing a mind map, which would look something like this:

You can add more details to the outline, crossing parts out and connecting different bubbles when you notice the connections.At site https://ventsmagazine.com/2022/09/02/6-best-ways-to-write-an-essay/ from Our Articles Even though there won’t be enough time to make such an elaborate outline during exam conditions, it can be useful draw a simple sketch with a few keywords, so you aren’t frightened and get off topic when writing your essay. If you’re not comfortable with the mind map format there are many other options to consider: It is possible to make a chart that flows, or simply the list of bullet points.

2. Maintain a clear structure

Consider this when you are planning. Your essay can be described as an argument or speech. It needs to follow a structured structure which means that all your points must be put together to address the question. Start with the basics: it is recommended to select only a handful of major points, which are your primary paragraphs. Three main paragraphs is a good amount for an essay in an exam in the sense that you will be working under pressure. Plan your essay in a structure that is”YES” (agreement in the query) – AND (another ‘YES’ point) But (disagreement or confusion) when you are in agreement with the entire question, or YES BUT AND if there is a disagreement. This will ensure that you’re focused on your arguments and stay away from the topic.

You could, for instance, form an example of the Of Mice and Men sample to be structured as follows:

‘To what extent is the character of Curley’s spouse portrayed as a person of victimization in Of Mice and Men?’

  • Yes – descriptive descriptions of her physical appearance
  • As well as – the opinions of other people towards her
  • But her position as the only female on the ranch gives her influence in using her femininity to her advantage

If you were planning to write a more lengthy essay you can include additional paragraphs within the ‘YES/AND’ category, perhaps describing the ways that Curley’s wife shows her vulnerability as well as her insecurities, and shares her fears with other characters; on the other hand, you can also extend your essay by including a separate ‘BUT’ paragraph on her naive and manipulative streak.

Of the course, it isn’t necessarily the sole way to address this essay question As long as you are able to back your argument with the facts in the source text, you can choose any viewpoint that makes sense.

3. Support your argument with well-studied quotes

You wouldn’t write a scientific report without including evidence to support your findings Therefore, why should it be any different for an essay? Although you’ren’t bound to prove each statement you make using quotations, there’s not much risk in trying. A thorough reading of your quotes will enhance your understanding of the subject and can impress your examiners.

When selecting the right quotations to incorporate in your essay, be sure to look out for specific literary techniques. For instance, you might explore Curley’s wife’s application of an esoteric question when she asks, ‘What is my job? You’re sitting here talking with the bindle stiffs”

The rhetorical question “An”What am I doing?” signifies that Curley’s wife is extremely anxious; she seems to be doubting her decisions in life. The fact that she does not want anyone to answer the question is a sign of her isolation.

Other literary strategies to keep an eye out for include:

  • Tricolon is a set of three words , phrases or words that are placed near to each other for emphasis
  • Tautology: a collection of words which mean the same thing (e.g. ‘frightening frightening.
  • Parallelism – ABAB structure; often signifies change from one idea to another
  • Chiasmus – ABBA structure that draws attention to the phrase
  • Polysyndeton – a variety of conjunctions within an expression
  • Asyndeton – inconsistency which can increase the speed of an entire sentence
  • Polyptoton – using the exact term in different forms for emphasis, eg “done” and “doing”.
  • Alliteration : repetition of the same sound. Different forms of alliteration are assonance (similar vowel sounds) and plosive alliteration (‘b’ sounds, ‘d’ and ‘p’ the sounds) as well as sibilance (‘s’ sounds)
  • Anaphora: repetition of words; usually used to emphasize an idea

Don’t be concerned if you’re unable discover all the literary devices within the work that you’re studying – you could also discuss more obvious effects including simile, metaphor and onomatopoeia. It’s not a problem even if you’re unable to remember all the names in the long list – it’s essential to clarify what the impact of these literary methods and their relevance in the context of the inquiry than to be able to use the correct terminology.

4. Be unique and creative all the way

Anyone can write an essay using the suggestions above, however the main thing that makes it ‘perfect’ is your unique viewpoint regarding the topic that you’re speaking about. If you’ve noticed something intriguing or unorthodox in your reading It’s time to make it clear: If you find it fascinating most likely the teacher would too.

Creative writing and essay writing are more closely linked than you’d think. keep the idea that you’re crafting a speech or an argument in your mind, and you’re likely to get your reader’s focus.

It’s vital to clearly define your line of argument in your intro, informing your readers of your main points, and the general direction your essay is likely to be taking, but you should remember to put something aside for the end of your essay, too. You must make a summary of your major points, but if you’re merely repeating the things you said in the introduction, the essay itself is rendered pointless.

Think of your conclusion as the end of your speech. It’s the thing you’ve been building to, rather than an uninteresting plenary at end of the interesting stuff.

In order to return to Of Mice and Men once further, here’s an illustration of a perfect difference between an opening and a conclusion


Within John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, the wife of Curley is shown as a complex character. The woman could be perceived as a vicious romantic, seductive sexy temptress or a lonely woman who is the victim of her society’s attitude. Although she appears to possess a certain amount of sexual power, it is clear that Curley’s wife is mostly in the position of a victim. This interpretation is supported by Steinbeck’s description of her appearance, people’s attitudes, dreams, and her evident unhappiness and loneliness.


In general, it is apparent that Curley’s wife is a victim . It portrays it as such throughout the story, from the descriptions of her appearance, her fantasies and people’s attitudes towards her as well as her loneliness and fears. However, a character who was a victim and the only thing that was a victim would be one-dimensional and Curley’s partner is not. Although she suffers in many ways it is revealed that she can assert herself by manipulating her femininity . This is a small rebellion against the victimisation she endures.

Both rely on what was asked and summarizes key points in the essay however, the conclusion adds something entirely new to the ideas established in the main body of the essay . However, it confuses the simple summary which is found at the beginning of the essay.

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